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I should be studying chemistry but nawh,so reblog this,follow me and I will check your blog out and maybe follow you :3 also follow me on instagram @porcelainannie if you wantttttttttt

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Are you announcing the winner because im starting to think the giveaways are fake and you only want new followers and that's it


considering the fact that I don’t gain that many followers by giving things away and that I enter the ones who don’t follow me in the ga process then guess what?no,I do not only want to gain followers :) I find no point in announcing who the winner is,but I message the winner and I’m being 100% fair with them,if the winner does notr reply within the next 24 hours I always choose a new one,what’s the point in fucking telling everything to the rest of the people on tumblr?

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I adore all three blogs u guys are awesome and I love the giveaways and I've noticed that many of my own followers join them that's a really good way to spread the news for the blogs and to make people happy with some cool items well done


haha aw sweet thanks so much:3

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So pissed about not winning that cute giveaway but still love ur blog :3 When r u doing the next one


soon love :3

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Will you marry me omg you're perfecttttt 😩😩😩😩😩


awww cute :3

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